Incubating Automatic Identification & Data Capture technologies and professional suppliers

What does “AIDC Services” provide?

AIDC provides a matrix of services covering Marketing, Sales, Support, Consultancy, Reseller Management,and other Regional Services through two main categories:

1- Bundled Basic Package: common services for all suppliers with one flat monthly fee tailored to each customer based on number of transactions or resellers to handle. Additional incremental pricing will apply in certain cases or above an agreed upon volume.

2- Optional Services: “on demand” and “specific tasks”, territories, manpower or events will be quoted and agreed upon mutually.

Available services are all listed on a closed access intranet. Each supplier has a portal having assigned users (supplier team, AIDC serving team, and possibly resellers of suppliers).

The intranet is a secure web portal having tables of database and document sharing. It is accessible by all relevant people of employees and suppliers using access rights to relevant information.

The intranet is set up and programmed dynamically for all current and future needs. It contains all tasks, announcements, shared information, supplier profiles, AIDC services, and pricing, to mention few. Reports can be extracted dynamically.