Incubating Automatic Identification & Data Capture technologies and professional suppliers

Your Presence (or Absence)

Having a regional office / representation will:

  1. Bring you closer to your market pulse
  2. Help you understand its dynamics
  3. Achieve higher sales & profitability
  4. Provide an acceptable risk / reward ROI
  5. Allow access to regional vibrant markets
  6. Police your distributors & resellers dedication

Interaction from your remote HQ will not.

AIDC Services will collect marketing information, provide office space, and employ the right-skilled account managers on your behalf. You do not need the high cost of your own presence.

Why do suppliers open own office Our Alternative


Keep closer contacts with existing resellers

  1. Meeting regional resellers’ customers to close big sales
  2. Conductingefficient and timely local sales and technical training
  3. Making local road shows frequently
  4. Lending on-hand demo equipment to resellers and their customers


Discover on the ground opportunities in the market from local media and information sources

  1. Tender announcements
  2. News sources (TV, newspapers, etc.)
  3. Direct relationship with people in life and business
  4. Monitoring competition’s activity and installations closely
Proximity to wider regional markets (less traveling costs than from HQ) Offering same above services in agreed upon countries
Possibly stocking minimum best-selling-configurations for immediate-delivery sales Encouraging resellers to stock or helping supplier stock at third party logistic companies
Finding more channels in UAE and the wider region AIDC Services has vast database on possible candidate companies to be resellers
Integrating hardware with third party domestic software for possibly more sales after having turnkey solutions Knowledge of local software companies and having technical experience and know how to carry out the task
Understanding the market’s mentality, local culture, purchasing trends and building the relevant Go-to Market strategy This is the core of our services:
Bringing you valuable information
Having a stable location and address for meetings rather than using public places such ashotels Providing desks and meeting room
Reflecting an international business attitude through regional physical presence

AIDC Services office is your all purpose office