Incubating Automatic Identification & Data Capture technologies and professional suppliers

Feasiblity and Comparing Costs:

Opening your own office in UAE can be in any of the designated economic zones. Its cost will vary based on the preferred options (office location & size, caliber & number of the and nature of business).

Cost elements:
1- First time establishment costs (trade license and government fees):$9000-20000.
2- Regular monthly office costs including rent: $2800-4400
3- Labor monthly costs (three basic people of secretary, technical and sales person): $9000-16000.
4- Additional costs of 2-3 visas, opportunity cost of “paid up capital”, and costs of third party domestic services.

In summary: based on our survey (available upon request) and aside from first-time establishing costs, monthly budget will range from $11,800 to $20,400.