Incubating Automatic Identification & Data Capture technologies and professional suppliers

Will AIDC Services serve competitive brands and technologies?

To address this concern:

- Supplier can choose initially a discrete and unannounced / undisclosed relationship

- Part time account managers cannot work on conflicting brands

- Most of our services should not affect the service we provide to competitive brands (just like Yellow Pages directory serving all competing companies in all industries)

- Acquired data provided by supplier to AIDC Services is kept exclusive for supplier’s own use

- Acquired data by AIDC services on behalf of supplier on special assigned and paid tasks is kept exclusive to supplier’s own use

- Our relationship will be governed by a NDA clause in the contract

How long is the period of commitment?

A minimum period of 6-12 months (better measured results)

Can we open our own office later?

Yes. The faster you do the more successful we would have been in our service to you

Can we deal with our older and newer resellers directly without passing through you?

Yes, so long as AIDC Services is in the loop and / or is indemnified from such an action

Does AIDC have offices outside UAE?

All work is managed centrally from UAE office. However, AIDC Services have small sister companies and support people in close countries.

Can we import goods to the UAE through your office for certain customers?

Our trade license does not allow that, however we can assist in doing that through a sister company specialized in import and reselling and through third party logistic companies we deal with.

What territories AIDC Services cover?

Our services cover the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) but depending on your requirement, our team can and will extend its reach beyond that.